Amazon Down: Millions Affected by Website Outage

Amazon has been experiencing technical difficulties since around 11:00 pm EST on Sunday, July 11. Scores of people have flocked to the social networking app Twitter to see if others are also unable to shop from the the largest e-commerce website in the world.

It has only been minutes since the outage, but when you are Amazon those minutes add up. Each minute, the retail juggernaut's sales amount to an estimated $280,000. According to the website DownDector, nearly 50,000 people have reported problems while either attempting to reach the site or while purchasing products.

The outage that has affected both shoppers and sellers is reportedly due to a large-scale server outage within the United States. The main website,, along with the Canadian site,, have been affected. It is not clear if other sites or Amazon's Amazon Web Services (AWS) have also been affected.

Amazon associates are aware of the outage, and Amazon customer service representatives have been responding to affected customers via email and phone. But as of this writing, Amazon's social media team has not responded to multiple requests by social media users for comment or specifics about the outage.

Amazon is one of the most trafficked sites on the internet; it handles roughly $150 billion in sales annually.