How to Master Working From Home

Overnight our entire world changed. Before any of us could really get our heads around it, we were in lock down and facing a completely different reality.

Some of us suddenly had to find a way to do remote work. Others lost their jobs and incomes all together. We all had to adapt and do it fast!

For those of us who were lucky to keep our employment, suddenly we had a whole new challenge to conquer. The challenge of working from home. For some of us, that meant having to juggle our remote work with family being around. For others it meant total isolation and less interaction with other human beings. Whatever situation you found yourself in, suddenly having to work remotely meant a whole new playing field.

So what’s the best way to master remote work and working from home? Here are a few tips and tricks I learned from someone who’s been doing remote work for over 18 years.

Stick To A Solid Work Schedule

The most important thing you can do when mastering remote work is to ensure you have a solid work schedule. It’s imperative that you set this right from the start. Being disciplined in this way will help you get your work done on time. It will also keep your employer happy, knowing that even though you aren’t within view, you are still being as productive as you were in the workplace. It can be way too easy to go and have that extra cup of coffee, or flick on the TV and get caught up in a netflix series. With no one to supervise you, you may find yourself slipping into bad habits.

Do Not Slip Into “Caveman Syndrome”

With that in mind, make sure you act as if you are working in a normal working environment. Get out of bed at the same time each morning. Complete your morning routine as if you are going into the office. Shower and make sure you are dressed appropriately for a day at work.

It can be very easy when doing remote work to slip into what is called “Caveman Syndrome”. This is when you realise you haven’t showered in three days, and you haven’t even gotten out of your pyjamas either. Your hair is unbrushed, your teeth are not cleaned and you’ve even forgotten to eat regularly. Continuing this pattern for some time can be bad for your morale and make you feel isolated even more.

Keep Up Your Communications With Others

Which brings me to my next point. If you are in a situation where you are working alone, it’s very important that you keep up communication with other people. Be that by internet, video chat or even on the phone. Keeping in touch with friends and colleagues can make the remote work from home a little less lonely and help you to still feel connected.

Human connection is so very important. So no matter how much time you need to spend at home doing your remote work, make sure you take time for you as well. This means making sure you take care of yourself both physically and mentally, and also keeping up your connections and contacts with other people.

It can be easy to slip into the darkness and loneliness of working from home. You must be diligent and ensure that does not happen for you. By following the pointers above, you’ll be able to complete your work on time. You will feel good about yourself because you are taking care of yourself. Plus you’ll maintain solid business and personal relationships. All three of these pointers are vitally important for you to be successful in doing remote work.